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We want to help you have more energy this fall! Why? Because when you have more energy, its easier to reach all of your goals – whether you are striving to lose weight or simply feel great, boosting your energy level is the perfect place to start.


We’ll be posting a specific workout schedule featuring workouts exclusively offered FREE on JESSICASMITHTV (the fall challenge schedule will be posted on on September 1, 2013). We’ll be working out together 7 days a week, but for no more than 30 minutes a day (unless you want to do more!). Once you complete the workout video for the day, check in by posting a comment on the YouTube video page. We encourage you to connect with our community – ask and answer each other questions, cheer each other on, etc. I’ll be personally replying to each daily check in on the assigned day.

HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? 20 Days (Sept 2 – 21st, 2013)

WILL THERE BE A DIET PLAN INCLUDED? There is no specific diet or eating plan with the challenge (I’m not a nutrition expert, so I don’t give out nutrition advice since that’s not my area of expertise). Instead, I encourage you to make healthy choices for yourself based on the question, “will this improve my energy?” (If you’d like more specific nutrition advice, please check out our Great Abs Guide which includes eating guide created by a registered dietitian).

WILL THERE BE PRIZES? Yes! Everyone who checks-in on YouTube after completing their workout for the day, for all 20 days, will be eligible for our random grand prize drawing. I’ll be giving away copies of my latest DVDs – Walking for Weight Loss, Wellness & Energy and Total Body Balance along with an exclusive copy of Peanut’s new 2014 calendar [be sure to watch the vid for more details about this!]

HOW DO I JOIN? Subscribe to our YouTube channel JESSICASMITHTV and follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook, and subscribe to our blog [there’s more info about how to do all of this in this vid].