With Mommy at our SHAPE photo shoot!

With Mommy at our SHAPE photo shoot!

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“Jessica Smith’s… the instructor whose class you want to come back to over and over again, and the moves are easy, accessible, and totally un-intimidating.” – Glamour Magazine


I just have to tell you how much I love you and your workout videos, and of course Peanut! I have always thought that to get a good workout, and one that I felt counted, was hi impact cardio, because of that my knee joints are not in the greatest shape anymore. Since finding your channel I decided to explore other workouts of yours, and I absolutely love your low impact walking, fusion, ballet, mat, workouts! They totally kick my butt and have gotten me into the best shape I have ever been. It just goes to show you don’t have to kill yourself with a workout to reap its benefits. Thank you for showing me that  And thank you for providing myself, and everyone else, amazing workout videos, for free! It just shows that you truly care about peoples health and are not about the money.” – Kinsey

“Thank you so much for helping me feel comfortable and happy (most of the time) with my body. Every workout you offer is fun and I enjoy doing (even the really hard and sweaty ones). Thank you for inviting me in to your home (and your moms) and help keeping me motivated. Your exercises are the first thing I do in the morning and even while on holiday. I honestly can’t thank you enough for all of the time you give to help keep me motivated and moving.Like Peanut, my Pipin (pug x) is always on site to help supervise to make sure my form is correct. Pipin and I look forward to our morning routine. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! You are very much appreciated!” – Sheri

“I just want to thank you for sharing your wonderful talents so generously.  I first discovered you through your CardioAbs trinity OnDemand.  I was so impressed with your workout routine-: the cueing, you make it super easy to follow; the efficient high intensity of the moves; the safety of it all (in alignment so joints/muscles are protected); the overall balance of the work-out; and your genuine, lovely, inspiring spirit.  Then I found this website– JessicaSmithTV– and I feel like I hit the jackpot.  Yowza!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I’ve told all my patients about this.  You are wonderful for all of them, for different reasons– because you have such a diverse repertoire of awesome workouts.  You have been a massive help to me.  I’m a single working mom, and I just do not have the time to go to a gym or take a class.  I’ve done P90X, Zumba, had a fancy personal trainer– and ages ago I was a dancer.  You are by far my favorite workout.” – Maxine

“Thank you so much for these amazing workouts you post in youtube and the great DVDs you have produced. They’re gems! I think you’re such an inspirational, energetic woman and a role model. Your smile is just contagious, especially when I’m cursing through some moves (because it’s burning) I remember to smile to relieve stress- and it works! You inspire me to work out even when I feel dead tired or feel like throwing the ball. It’s not only about getting ready for bikini season or fitting into a nice dress, it’s about a commitment to oneself to be healthy, something you emphasize a lot in your videos and brings me down to earth when I get frustrated with certain parts of my body. I already make it my daily appointment to workout with you and see Peanut!” – Elisa

“I would like to say just how much I appreciate your videos.  I already owned all your DVD’s as you are my most favourite instructor! Then, I discovered your You Tube channel.  What joy!! To be able to turn on my computer and have you two in my living room, live from your living room is just so incredible.  I feel like I’m working out with a friend.  Your personality simply shines through.  You’re an inspiration.” – Kerryn

“I just have to say that I’ve been doing your home workouts since I had my son 4 months ago and I’ve lost 47 pounds so far!! I’m back to my pre pregnancy weight of 130lbs. I absolutely love ALL of your workouts and my goal is to try all of them at least once!! I can’t thank you enough! The workouts are hard but super fun and most importantly they bring results!! You rock sister!” – Gabriela

In the past 7 weeks I have been working out with your DVDs and your YouTube videos and have lost 5lbs, 4 inches off my waistline and am fitting into many of the clothes I wore before my weight gain. My most notable difference is that I finally feel motivated to exercise and I am having fun when working out! Thank you for helping me tone up and feel happier. You are an amazing instructor and I have been recommending you to all my family and friends.” – Kim G

“I would really like to thank you for all your videos out there. They inspire me to never give up and you make working out the most fun activity ever!” – Anushka

“I love your videos Jessica— they are a simply the BEST… Your workouts make exercising enjoyable, and not another task to cross off my neverending to-do list. The moves are doable for every skill level, yet challenging enough to really make me sweat, and your positive attitude helps get mornings off to a great start. I always rolled my eyes when I’d hear people say they look forward to their workouts. Now I know how they feel!” – MJ

“I wish I had found you years ago!!! You have motivated me to get rid of the pounds I gained with my 2 kids!!! Your workouts are AWESOME!!! They are easy to follow & easy for this out of shape mama to keep up with! I have purchased your newest dvd’s & love them both, and love the workouts on YouTube too! Doing the flat abs walk later today, never have I been excited to work out! Thank you sooo much!!!” – Sally C.

“You are my favorite fitness instructor. I ‘discovered’ you several years ago on Exercise TV. Since then, I have bought many of your dvd’s. I have many other workout dvd’s lead by other instructors, but none can compare to you. For those of us who exercise at home, it’s not just the quality and variety of the routines that matter but also the personality of the instructor. You’re upbeat and fun and your sunny disposition helps me through to the end of the workout. And you come across as genuine and sincere unlike others who often seem phony. I recently discovered JessicaSmithTV and I absolutely love the endless options you provide. Please know you are making a difference in people’s lives- mine for sure!” – Carrie P.

“I just wanted to say I am a huge fan. You are so high energy and positive, it’s infectious. You are very approachable and your passion for fitness and helping others shines through in all that you do. I love that you don’t push some crazy diet, we all have our indulgences. Your workouts are always easy to follow, challenging though approachable, and never boring!” – Krista B.

“You have inspired me to keep going, and with every workout, I get stronger physically and mentally. Finally I feel like I have a handle on things in my life. Every day is for something. I didn’t used to feel like that. Thank you for all that you do for me and countless other women who needed to make a change. In my case, everything is changing, and I am happy to have that happen.” – Jackie C.

“Its crazy but after finding your channel, I began working out everyday as opposed to just 3-4 x’s a week, that’s how much I enjoyed it! You helped me realize that fitness doesn’t have to be so hard all the time in order to achieve progress; I broke a sweat and felt great after doing your low impact workouts; I’ve also learned that low impact doesn’t mean low intensity! I love your cuing and approach, as its very comfortable and non-intimidating…I literally feel like I’m working out with a friend at home 🙂  Thank you!” – Tayna

“I love your videos! My body has never felt so good. Thank you Jessica! I am telling all my friends.” – Jen

“Hi from South Africa. I bought your DVD and was in love instantly with the way you exercise. Now, I’m NOT an exerciser. Was overweight/obese for quite an amount of years. When I bought it, I thought: ” What the hell, lets see if I can actually do exercises for longer than my ‘attention span.’ Well, 29kg lost later, numerous amount of cm (inches) from a size 44 to 36 in almost a year’s time? I suddenly can’t believe that I was obese for soooo long. You REALLY make it worth it, your motivation, endurance, and just plain “lekker” (addictive) way of exercising. And now I’m going to sound like one of those teenage groupies at a Justin Bieber concert when I say: I LOVE U JESSICAAAAAAAA” hahahaha. Thanx so so much. You have made a difference in my life (oh, and my last born is almost 2 years, I have 3 kids, and is 31 years old), not only a weight difference per say, but I have so much self respect, guts and I get naked in front of my husband these days which is a goal that I’ve tried to achieve for many many years, and suddenly it happened. So thank you AGAIN, you made my “NEW” life possible!” – Eleanor

“I workout at home. I typically workout with Cathe Friedrick, Kelly Coffey-Meyer, and Amy Bento. Now, I have 4 of your workout DVDs and I love them. I consider myself an advanced exerciser and I am 57, but your workouts are a challenge to me, and you are fresh in many of your moves. I have your cardio abs, your 10 pounds down, look better naked, and the 10 minute solution quick tummy toners. How lovely you also have free workouts on this site! Thank you for your wonderfully well cued workouts that are easy to fit into any daily schedule. You are inspiring, motivating, and fun to work out with! I plan to sign up for your youtube workouts also. No excuses. Thank you!” – Karen

“Loving your workout on TimeWarnerCable OnDemand!! I’m grateful they offer workout videos as apart of their service; however, when I came across your video OnDemand I was/am amazed! Full of energy and the longer I stuck with it, especially my first time doing it, my energy level began to match yours! I’ve never done any high energy workouts. Yours are EASY to follow with high motivating energy and RESULTS!! Thank you for working with TWC!! I’ll be purchasing your DVDs soon! God Bless!!” – Adri Jo

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been ill for a long time. I became very weak. When I went to the store I had to use a electric wheelchair to get around. In Nov. I went and had surgery. I spent 6 weeks recovering. I realized how weak my legs became. In feb. I knew I had to do something I didn’t have money to join a fitness center. I knew I could not do those fast workouts or cardio yet.  I went to youtube and happen to find your site. Best thing I did. I saw your walking workouts I tried one. I could only do 10 min. but I remember in your video you said its OK to take breaks and boy I did. Well as of today I am up to 40 min of your walking workouts. My goal next is to do your jogging workout. Then once that is completed. My next goal is to workout on some of your other workouts.I can’t begin to thank you free for your free workouts because of you I’m shopping and getting my life back. :)” –  Stephanie

“You are my inspriration :), since ive found your dvds i have noticed just how much my bodys image & strength has changed, none of the other other dvds i have give me results as good as yours, my local sanity only had 2 of yours but now im stoked to see i can buy them online!! knockout body: …FINALLY an AB workout that excites me, most dvds thats i have are very basic with there ab work out just regular types of crunches, i love your feirce & fab abs! im studying next year to be a fitness instructor and training with you in my lounge room every day (haha) has given me confidence and inspiration toward my goals.”  – Sarah

“Due to physical limitations, I have had to tone done the intensity level of exercise, this was not easy, to be sure. I heard about your Walking for Wellness & Energy DVD, and tried it, I admit to being skeptical as to how a walking DVD could challenge me, but I promised myself an open mind and did the 1 hour workout and came away extremely impressed with both the workout and your style as an instructor, you made it fun. I am a happily follower of this workout and look for to doing it, along with yoga, as the basis of my fitness routine!! Excellent job!!” – Jerry