The Peanut Gallery:

Meet Peanut – our fit (well, sort of) french bulldog!

Many of you may have seen our french bulldog puppy Peanut making a few appearances in my YouTube videos, so I thought I’d officially introduce her here and give her an official page. Here are just a few of the many moments and reasons we love our Peanut:

Here she is the very first day we brought her home:

At 2.5 pounds, she was only the size of a tiny pea:

She was just a little 2.5 pound Pea when we first got her..

Here she is trying to get her treat from behind bars:

She really knows how to pace herself:


And Peanut loves her aerobics!

She’s always up for a workout:

Practicing my squat form.

Practicing my squat form.


Getting super excited for my treat!

Getting super excited for my treat!

She’s not one to give up when times get tough:


And she sure knows how to relax and kick back:

Peanut Basking in the Sun

And relax…

Peanut Sleeping In!

And relax some more..

I'm either 100 miles an hour or 0..

I’m either 100 miles an hour or 0..

Sometimes she kicks back a little TOO much

(case in point: last New Year’s Eve)

New Year's Eve - lesson learned.

New Year’s Eve – lesson learned.

She defends her family against intruders

(Peanut vs. Roomba):

She can be so wise:


She’s never shy about getting her beauty sleep:


She’s not a fan of sharing

(especially when it comes to her bone):


She loves getting dressed up:

Easter P

Bikini Body

Still defending against intruders

(even the paper variety)

Peanut vs. Paper Bag:

Did we mention she can be wise?


We try to follow her Zen lead:


We love our Peanut, and hope you do too!


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